Cam Cole


CAM COLE ALBION TOUR 2022 +3 additional IRISH SHOWS It‘s an exciting time to listen to Cam Cole and follow his journey. From the streets of Camden in London his

Cam Cole2022-06-02T10:40:04+01:00

CIGF22: Andy Irvine


Andy Irvine is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a handful of truly great ones that gets to the very soul of Ireland. He has been

CIGF22: Andy Irvine2022-06-12T15:46:34+01:00

CIGF22: Susan O Neill


A critically acclaimed performer, as well as a member of King Kong Company, SON - aka Susan O’Neill – is one of Ireland’s brightest emerging talents. The basis of her

CIGF22: Susan O Neill2022-06-12T16:04:06+01:00

CIGF22: Xylouris White


Xylouris White is firmly rooted in the past and future. Playing Cretan music of original and traditional composition, the band consists of Georgios Xylouris on Cretan laouto and vocals and

CIGF22: Xylouris White2022-06-12T15:44:35+01:00



On their debut album Shirushi, Montreal-based TEKE::TEKE blend classic Japanese balladry, surf rock, psychedelia, and more to produce a set of songs that play like a soundtrack to a wildly

CIGF22: TEKE::TEKE (CAN/JPN)2022-06-12T16:00:41+01:00

Dog Tail Soup #3


Dogtail Soup's DeBarras Summer residency comes to a close with their penultimate show! ‘Dogtail Soup’ is an eclectic and flavourful musical stew made by carefully simmering Camilla Griehsel (Swedish World

Dog Tail Soup #32022-05-26T14:37:26+01:00

Luka Bloom


Luka Bloom returns to DeBarras for his first show back in the Folk Club since 2019   LOCKDOWN TRILOGY When the lockdowns began, I thought about trying the online gigs.  

Luka Bloom2022-06-09T17:04:22+01:00

Puala K O Brien


Support by Sparbridge Paula writes songs that connect people, through their worst and best times, through life and through grief. Her musicality comes from a desire to express emotions that

Puala K O Brien2022-06-20T11:50:54+01:00

Traditional Irish Session


At the heart of this popular weekly session are a collection of musicians & songsters, whose combined experiences of performing, locally and internationally, along with their diverse musical interests produce

Traditional Irish Session2022-06-17T16:59:28+01:00

John Spillane


For nearly twenty years John Spillane has performed the first Thursday of the month at DeBarras continuing this legendary residency throughout the pandemic with virtually streamed performances from the folk

John Spillane2022-04-14T13:15:01+01:00

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