West Cork Boy Band Fir Beag are a collective of musicians that emerge every once in a while from the ocean, salt crusted and sea weed draped. Their folk rock is

FIR BEAG2022-06-17T20:01:01+01:00

‘In the corner’ w/ Noel McKay (US)


In the corner of the front bar we present an acoustic session with Noel McKay Noel McKay Raised in Lubbock and Texas Hill Country, Noel McKay is a songwriter/recording artist

‘In the corner’ w/ Noel McKay (US)2022-06-23T20:21:16+01:00

Tunesday Tuesday w/ Eve Clague


We're delighted to announce a new summers musical residency with the virtuosic Eve Clague in the front bar of DeBarras. Tunesday Tuesday will see Eve help us all move through

Tunesday Tuesday w/ Eve Clague2022-06-20T22:03:19+01:00

St. Patricks Day Traditional Irish Session


For the last 30+ years De Barra’s St. Patricks day  has been the highlight of Clonakilty’s celebration of our national holiday. This year will be no different as the DeBarras

St. Patricks Day Traditional Irish Session2022-02-18T15:06:27+00:00

Acoustic Session


One of the finest acoustic sessions in the country alternating hosts every week. Participation is encouraged.  

Acoustic Session2022-02-07T15:30:37+00:00

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