Tunesday Tuesday w/ Eve Clague


We're delighted to announce a new summers musical residency with the virtuosic Eve Clague in the front bar of DeBarras. Tunesday Tuesday will see Eve help us all move through

Tunesday Tuesday w/ Eve Clague2022-06-20T22:03:19+01:00

Traditional Irish Session


At the heart of this popular weekly session are a collection of musicians & songsters, whose combined experiences of performing, locally and internationally, along with their diverse musical interests produce

Traditional Irish Session2022-05-12T21:50:47+01:00

‘..Blessings of the ancestors..’


Eoin o Neill invoked the blessings of the ancestors through blood sacrifice in DeBarras on Saturday night. In the sacred ritual space of the folk club he gave of his

‘..Blessings of the ancestors..’2022-05-26T00:52:21+01:00

Acoustic Session


One of the finest acoustic sessions in the country alternating hosts every week. Participation is encouraged.  

Acoustic Session2022-02-07T15:30:37+00:00

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