COMEDY: Andrew Ryan


Irish Comedian Andrew Ryan and host of 'Cork in the North' podcast comes back to his hometown of Cork  as part of his UK & Ireland tour. Back on the

COMEDY: Andrew Ryan2022-05-19T14:47:47+01:00

Gearóid Farrelly: Glamour Hammer


Gearóid Farrelly: Glamour Hammer After some time sitting on the couch we are back to real life. Trousers instead of tracksuit bottoms and coffee and a biscuit instead of four gin and

Gearóid Farrelly: Glamour Hammer2022-02-07T14:36:27+00:00

Joanne McNally


Described as  'a truly gifted stand up' by The Sunday Times, join Joanne as she revisits her irreverent and critically acclaimed  show The Prosecco Express. Due to a relentless ageing process, Joanne is suddenly in

Joanne McNally2021-07-31T16:09:12+01:00

COMEDY: Alison Spittle


NB* Ltd Capacity in doors show Alison has appeared on television a few times, enough times for her mam to tell strangers that she works for RTE (she doesn’t), not

COMEDY: Alison Spittle2021-10-13T13:39:30+01:00

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