CIGF22: Yasmin Williams (US)


Based in Alexandria, VA, Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an unorthodox, modern style of playing. She utilizes various techniques including alternate tunings, percussive hits, and lap tapping

CIGF22: Yasmin Williams (US)2022-04-19T11:24:27+01:00

CIGF22: Xylouris White


Xylouris White is firmly rooted in the past and future. Playing Cretan music of original and traditional composition, the band consists of Georgios Xylouris on Cretan laouto and vocals and

CIGF22: Xylouris White2022-06-12T15:44:35+01:00

Cam Cole


Multiple viral internet videos, a rapidly increasing following from all over the world, a well-received debut album, international tours planned... Everything was set up for London busker Cam Cole to

Cam Cole2021-09-16T11:30:03+01:00

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