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Wiggle came together in Cork at the turn of the century playing their unique music, possibly best described as dubtrotting jamtronica. They incorporate elements of Dub,Jungle and Trance over which they lay stream of consciousness vocals, live sampling, spectral guitars and brilliant key lines.
Toby does vocals and provides the beats and backdrops with which Rory and Colm intertwine their sounds. Rory plays mostly keys and Colm plays mostly guitar, though both can be heard employing all manner of instruments, digital and analogue.
Together they create an ever evolving and unfolding musical landscape bringing their listeners on an epic musical voyage. Ever since Wiggle first started playing their legendary live shows no two gigs have been the same. Their live gigs are like entering an ever evolving sonic landscape, their songs segue and flow into one another taking listener and dancer on a musical odyssey with beats progressing from slow chilled out dub to fast manic jungle. They’re accompanied live by VJ Present at the visual bridge, providing an infinity of optical treats.

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