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Wed 17th Oct 8pm
‘The Baloney Detection Kit’
Colm Ryan

West Cork Skeptics return to Debarras to discuss a current issue from the perspective of scientific skepticism. Colm is a founder of Cork Skeptics, a group that meets regularly to discuss pseudoscience, science and issues related to critical thinking.

UFOs. Ghosts. Astrology. Homeopathy. Telepathy. Miracle Cancer Cures. People all around the world fervently believe they exist and yet there isn’t a shred of good evidence that they are real in any sense of the word. On the other hand, there is strong scientific support for evolution, climate change and vaccines, yet millions reject the evidence entirely, preferring long debunked ideas instead. In a wide-ranging talk, Colm explores the world of strange beliefs and discusses some ways to distinguish between good and bad ideas. Colm will talk about logical fallacies, brain flaws and other tricks that persuade us of things that aren’t so. He will also examine the crucial role that science plays in distinguishing fact from fiction.

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