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All Bespoken Word sessions are special but this one is specifically geared to the interesting times we live in. It will have escaped few people (at least, in West Cork) that we can no longer trust “our environment” to be the horn of plenty that it probably never was. Chuck in some coins, pull a lever, out rolls produce, we consume. Often, not so much merely to survive but to soothe anxiety or give a sense of purpose where there is none. That grim “fairy tale” is a bubble (as our entire economy is made up of bubbles). Remarkably, those who most visibly make an effort to burst it are either on the old side (David Attenborough is 93, Jane Goodall is 85) or relatively young (Greta Thunberg, 16). It is no easy job. Whatever the age of the shoulders, the heart that beats inside has a hard time dealing with the distress that comes with witnessing the destruction of nature and the natural systems that should support us. (And the other way round). Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate – even transform – the grief for those who choose not to use the comfort blanket of denial. Write, speak, cry, and in the end, laugh again for there are a lot of practical ways to counter the crisis. And most of all, share.

Bespoken Word on Tuesday, October 1st will offer space to do so to anyone – all ages – who feels strongly about these issues. Specifically invited for the early part of the evening are the young people who were involved in last Friday’s Climate Strike. Saoi O’Connor will be one of the attendees as will be many of her friends, young and old. Do join us, whatever your age. As well as an open mic expect some debates and interviews. The session starts at 7 PM in DeBarras, Pearse Street, Clonakilty, no cover charge, all welcome.

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