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DeBarras I Sitting Room to Sitting Room Sessions:


For the strange times we find ourselves in…

some of our favourite musicians will be bringing the music from their Sitting Room to yours… they will recreate DeBarras (or a DeBarras vibe) in their own home and perform a gig and we will live stream the performance HERE!

Tune into DeBarras Facebook page at the times below to have a listen.

9:30pm every night and 8pm on Sundays (GMT+1)


mon 20th 

Traditional Irish Session – 9:30pm

tues 21st

Armoured Bear – 9:30pm

wed 22nd

Gavin Moore – 9:30pm

thurs 23rd

Brian Mooney – 9:30pm

fri 24th

Nial Thomas – 9:30pm

sat 25th

Brian Casey – 9:30pm

sun 26th

John Nee – 8:00pm

mon 27th

Traditional Irish Session – 9:30pm

tues 28th 

Joshua Burnside – 9:30pm

wed 29th

Kalyna Rakel -CANADA – 9:30pm

Thurs 30th

Lauren Guillery – 9:30pm

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