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Sam Amidon makes a welcome return to DeBarras


NPR All Things Considered
“… his highly personal approach opens a window on the American past and lets us feel it like nothing else around.”

The Guardian
“The Following Mountain is his first album of largely original compositions, and it provides constant, jolting surprises.”

Aquarium Drunkard
“The Following Mountain does more than reverse-engineer Amidon’s past approach of reimagining folk songs. It pushes through the known quantities and traditions of folk music and comes out the other side transformed. It is the destination, the culmination of Amidon’s musical conversations thus far.”

“Amidon’s first album of original songs feels like a liberation.”

London Evening Standard
“captivating arrangements and elegiac charm” ★★★★

“…surreal and magical.”

“His groaning lamentations on “Fortune” and “Ghosts” creak with the weight of centuries, while the melodies at the heart of “Gendel in 5” and “Juma Mountain” lift like timeless lullabies.”

Wondering Sound
“Amidon is doing to folk what Arthur Russell did to disco and dance music: The components are taken context-free and mixed around. He can recognize the patterns of bluegrass or jazz or indie rock without being bound to them. The result is compelling…”

New York Observer
“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sam Amidon: spokesman for the new, weird America.”

NOW Magazine
“In Amidon’s hands, old American songs live and breathe, proving that sometimes irreverence is the best path to faithfulness.”

“Amidon weaves his own new tunes into worn, weary, seemingly ageless sagas.”

“Inventive musical excursions.”

Boston Globe
“Complementing his work on guitar, banjo, and fiddle, his voice rings with a removed loneliness, colored by the clean, sweet texture…”

Burlington Free Press
“Amidon creates songs with familiar traditional tones and structures and bends them in all sorts of unusual directions, from subtly jazzy to quietly psychedelic.”



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