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Luka Bloom returns to DeBarra’s this March to add further weight to our St. Patrick’s week celebrations showcasing his latest musical collaboration ‘o sahara’ Feat:Luka Bloom, Quentin Cooper & Jon O’Connell.

DeBarra’s are honoured to host one of the first ever shows of this amazing new band.
Tickets on sale now online and at DeBarra’s

Luka Bloom was born Kevin Barry Moore on 23.05.1955. He was christened after an Irishman who was hanged at 18 by the British in Mountjoy Jail.  This made for a nervous 18th Birthday. Then they decided to never call him Kevin; so the only place ‘Kevin’ exists is on passports etc….Then in 1987, Barry decided to create Luka bloom, an anonymous identity for the songs he writes and sings. Since the last century Luka has played a fair bit in exotic places like Sydney, Hamburg, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Ennistimon. He has also recorded 20 albums; each of which is highly regarded by his family and friends.
Luka decided to move to North Clare some time ago. He thinks it might be 2 years ago, but time is a very loose arrangement in this part of the world. He also imagined he would use North Clare as a base to explore the West of Ireland, but the nature of the bubble is such that he rarely ventures beyond Ballyvaughan to the North, or White Strand to the South. Ennis, Galway, Limerick now seem like distant galaxies.
The inspiration for music making in North Clare is considerable, and the musicians are amazing. So Luka finds himself writing songs and singing with Jon O’Connell and Quentin Cooper now. They call themselves O’Sahara.
In a recent interview with The North Clare Post, Luka talked about O’Sahara:
What is the music of O’Sahara?
‘Well, it is loosely based on traditional limestone desert blues, but we have our own take on it’.
Are you happy with the development of O’Sahara so far?
‘Well, like we haven’t done any actual gigs yet. We’re in winter training now; serious stuff like. Jonno is at the football, I’m at the Ashtanga Yoga, and Quentin is eating a lot of raw pork.
But life is a game of 2 halves, and all things being equal we will be there or thereabouts with the help of God’……..
And the music; how is that progressing?
‘Well like, I’d have to say, I think that over the last 2 months we have done possibly the finest rehearsals that have ever been heard. We are really excited and raring to go. I’d say we are more intelligent than Radiohead, sexier than Rihanna, and more humble than U2. But we’ll have to wait and see like……’
And what would you like to see happen to O’Sahara in the future?
‘We will probably play for a few hours tomorrow’.
Quentin Cooper is a guitar player who grew up in his mother’s country of Peru. After leaving school in Dublin he played in rock bands for a few years till things took a wrong turn, and ended up in Co. Clare where he can’t escape. His friends say he has his head in the clouds, but it’s quite the opposite, as more often than not he will be dangling on a single rope, ready to explore the deep caves of the Burren, the perfect place to dream up new music, with no distractions, just the sound of running water. When he’s not reminiscing about how much he learned from living and working with Jimmy Miller, the Rolling Stones producer, you might see him walking around small village pubs in Clare with his banjo and fiddle ready to join traditional Irish sessions.  “I have never been to Antarctica”, he says, but if the icecaps don’t melt, there may well be a tour for O’Sahara
Quentin and Luka are blow-ins to County Clare, though Quentin has been living there for 20 years. Jon O’Connell is unique, in that he is an actual native of County Clare. This means that he has grown up and lived all his life in an environment of music. It also means he is a bit cracked, in a good way.
Jon is as happy singing great ballads as he is playing bass with The Walls, Ultan Conlan, or Fiddle Case.  He is ever-present in the musical life of North Clare.
And he has studied and played Double Bass for many years in Wales and New Park in Dublin.
An all round great musician and singer; he is also married to a woman who once toured with The Grateful Dead. Oh, and he still smokes. In other words, Jonno is cool. Story.

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