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Catherine Kingston was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013. Throughout the next four years she endured surgeries and many cycles of chemotherapy but had some good periods of feeling well in between. During this time she continued to shower her family with every ounce of love in her heart and helped them to come to terms with her terminal diagnosis. She helped countless people on her journey.

She was a counsel to others beginning chemo and her own chemotherapy sessions would be spent comforting those around her and giving them encouragement and, of course, a laugh. Her ambition was to spread awareness of the often vague symptoms of ovarian cancer and empower women to get to know their bodies better, therefore potentially catching this disease at an earlier and more treatable stage.

Ovacare were a great source of support and a great source of knowledge for Catherine at this time. Their coffee mornings bring people fighting ovarian cancer, and their families, together to talk about their journey and their information days on research, diet, complimentary therapies etc. give invaluable glimmers of hope for the future.

Catherine was at Nollaig na mBan for Ovacare in DeBarra’s two years ago and was so proud of everyone for coming and participating in what was a hugely successful night.

This year there are loads of goodies to give away, amazing prizes to raffle and great bands to dance away the night to. The theme is WOMAN! So everyone, including men, must dress as such. You can come as your favourite actor, scientist, musician, author, politician, as your friend, mum, aunt..or as your lovely self. All band members will be dressed up and all of the songs will be covers of songs written/sung by female artists. Spend the night with the women in your life that you love.

This year the Kingston family – Martin, Orla, Paula & Deirdre – are organising this in memory of Catherine, their warrior wife and Mum, and all of the other incredible women who have fought, and continue to fight, ovarian cancer.

Join them on the night as, together, we are stronger.

Tickets are 15euro, all money goes directly to Ovacare to help fund their coffee mornings and patient information days. Tickets available from December 8th in DeBarra’s Folk Club, Clonakilty.

Anyone that would like to donate a raffle prize please leave a message for Paula K O Brien, Dee Kingston, Martin Kingston Aoibhe O’Brien Orla Harrington John O Brien or Siobhan O Mahony.


This is what they did with money donated from last years event:

Supporting awareness events –
Sponsorship of an art exhibition “Healing Through Art – Whisper and Beyond” by one of our members who is an ovarian cancer patient. This is taking place in the School of Nursing and Human Sciences in Dublin City University. Ovacare will have an information stand at this and also we have been given the opportunity to highlight the symptoms of ovarian cancer to any attendees. This is an opportunity to raise awareness among the Nursing profession about ovarian cancer but also about the supports that Ovacare provides to those affected by the disease.

Supporting research funding –
Ovacare is supporting a research study which is being run by Cancer Trials Ireland. It proposes to carry out BRCA mutation testing on ovarian cancer patients. The BRCA1/2 testing pathway proposed in this study would permit equal and prompt access to both germline and somatic BRCA testing to all women with high grade serous/endometrioid ovarian cancer, including ovacare members. Detecting a BRCA mutation has implications for these women in terms of additional beneficial treatment options, including PARP inhibitors, as well as other novel drugs in development that are expected to be beneficial to women with ovarian cancer with a BRCA mutation. It also has implications in terms of future breast cancer prevention for these women. Finally, diagnosing more women with ovarian cancer with germline BRCA mutations will likely increase the number of relatives who have a BRCA mutation, thereby preventing the occurrence of a larger number of breast and ovarian cancers, with a resultant impact on these relatives’ lives in terms of quality of life and longevity.

Getting information out to patients and their families as quickly and efficiently as possible following diagnosis.
Patient centred approach of:-
Running an annual Patient Day (with Guest speakers from the Medical and Support Community as we have done for the last 8 years on a 6 monthly basis).
Running monthly / bi monthly Coffee Chats across the country bringing together patients and their family and friends for support within the areas they live.
Connecting patients to PPI (Public Patient Involvement in Research) groups to focus on unmet needs – as well as running “user lead” sessions with patients so we can support and lead any changes required either within the medical profession or support networks.
Regional Ovarian Cancer Coordinators – to enlist the help of our support community in a more structured way across Ireland to raise awareness and work with us to provide support nationally.
Student Program – under our patient services – work with Nurse and GP colleges across the country to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and what patients’ needs are through enlisting the help of our OvaCare community to carry out talks at the colleges.
Social Media – to get more active in this space on a daily basis to provide updates on latest research and health information available for patient, or any events taking place they may be interested in etc – bring the information more readily to our patient community.

Providing Patients and their family and friends with support and knowledge around family history and genetic testing and counselling options (joining forces to utilise the great information that Marie Keating has provided access to on their website for BRCA testing for breast and ovarian cancer patients).
Health and Nutrition information (available at our Patient days so far, looking at adding health and nutrition person to our panel of experts and they could provide a page on nutrition on our website).
Awareness – joining forces with other women gynae cancer charities in Ireland to run joint events.

Musicians for the night:
Martin Kingston
Paula K O’Brien
Margaret Kennedy
Jim Murray
Matt Gordan
Niamh O Higgins
Brian O Higgins
Fionnuala Cherry
Stephen Housden
John Fitzgerald
Timmie O Brien
Anto Noonan
Karen O Regan
Deirdre Archbold
Christine Deady
Gavin Moore
Anne Marie O Brien
Eve Clague
Mide Houlihan
Liz Clark

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