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My Fellow Sponges:


Sun 29th April

Doors 8pm

Start 8:30pm

Tickets: €10 (+booking)

My Fellow Sponges come from Galway on the salty west-coast of Ireland. The band is the creative union of two singer-songwriters. Donal McConnonwith his lyrically-led folk ditties and Anna Mullarkey with her lush and elegant synth-pop sound. The two started a band after performing together as actors on a number of theatre shows in university.

They were later joined by David Shaughnessy (drums) and Sam Wright (bass). 2013 saw the release of their debut album Bonne NuitMostly focused on a more rural sound, the single from it which received the most attention was This Dream Song, mainly for the highly-ambitious, surrealist backwards video which accompanied its release. The follow up Something Like Light (2014), displays a much more reflective, piano-driven sound from a band ever-willing to explore new possibilities with sound. First single from the upcoming album, The Cold Handhas been the bands most successful release to date, gaining nationwide radio-play and convincing music lovers to flock to their shows during the festival season. The second self-titled album is due to be released in March 2018.

My Fellow Sponges have collaborated with story-tellers, comedians, dancers and brass-ensembles. They have played entire shows improvised, under the moniker, Community. Their live concerts are energetic, unpredictable and intimate at the same time. They comfortably switch from eerie-electronica to hip-shaking-bossa-nova all with a dramatic flair that has stayed with Donal and Anna from their theatre days. They have wowed crowds in every corner of Ireland and in August 2017 they have successfully toured Poland.

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