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for the strange times we find our selves in ….some of our favourite musicians will be bringing the music from their Sitting Room to yours …. they will recreate DeBarras (or a DeBarras vibe) in their own home and perform a gig & we will live stream the performance HERE!

Stay cool.

DeBarras Sitting Room to Sitting Room Session

Jack & Ava Archbold

Ava is a 16 year old Irish artist making alternative music.

Ava grew up surrounded by musicians, she first began writing original music at the age of 14. Her love for singing grew in small, intimate acoustic sessions in the heart of West Cork, Ireland.

She learnt the ropes and gained confidence performing alongside her brother doing support gigs for the likes of Jack Lukeman and Hudson Taylor, among many more.

Despite her young age, her songs deal with much more than your stereotypical teenage first love and is particularly interested in writing modern day murder ballads and touching on other dark edges.

Ava has now set out on her own journey into the world of recording and releasing music.


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