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Karma Parking are an original Reggae/Rock/Funk fusion band based in the Republic of Ireland.

With a singer from France and a drummer from Zimbabwe, Karma Parking are a melting pot of cultures and influences, the result of which is a distinctive sound, unbound to any one genre. Though they all profess with a diverse range of influences, each member brings their own musical penchant to the band: Ed provides the funk, Julien the reggae, Damien the blues, Jabin ‘Le Sax’ and Jono’s drumming is steeped in African influences.

“The general idea is to get people dancing and having a good time”, they say and they invariably succeed in this endeavour. Their music is predominantly lively, imbued with optimism, inspiring audiences to enjoy themselves and get up and dance.

Karma Parking have played many of the National festivals in Ireland, most notably Electric picnic and Temple House 2 years running. Last year saw them play at Vantastical on the Done Deal stage They play regularly at various venues around Ireland from Cork to Galway and Dublin.

2014 has been spent writing for our next recordings and adding electronic influences via Jabin.
2015 will see us with some new releases of EP’s and singles.

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