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Joan Shelley
w/ Saint Caoilian
Thurs 27th April
Doors 9pm
Tix €10
onsale online & at #DeBarras


Joan Shelley quickly followed her acclaimed 2014 album Electric Ursa with Over and Even, a quieter, more contemplative set recorded in her home state of Kentucky. It was an album of the year at NPR Music and in the Los Angeles Times, and was given 4 stars in Rolling Stone, who called it “a masterfully turned set of folk reflections.” Shelley made the record with guitarist Nathan Salsburg, recording the bulk of the tracks over just two days. She has since toured the US and Europe, and will release a new album in 2017. Her latest release is the 2 song 7” single “Cost of the Cold” b/w “Here and Whole”.

Joan Shelley

‘Over And Even’ CD/LP In stores September 4th

Joan Shelley’s new album, Over And Even, was written in the back of an abandoned beauty parlor on the island of Thessaloniki. The whole thing had something to do with Vashti Bunyan. That’s what Joan told me, but Joan Shelley is a poet, so she makes things up.

In a small, dark room that smells of expired hair-do chemicals, there is talk of hypnosis. All the windows are blacked out. “Look into my eyes.” White walls are blinding in the ancient sunlight. A bowl of oranges shines like solid gold, waiting for you. There is a small classical guitar, a sunburn, and a key that turns a lock, and songs come pouring out.

Maybe the Greek deal was really about Leonard Cohen. That’s Joanie’s jam: songs wide open enough to let the wind blow the curtains around, and solid enough to hang a ton of heartache on. She writes smart, beautiful songs full of poetry, history, mystery and nature. Like all the best sad songs, they will make you cry. Then they will drag you outside and leave you flat on your back, staring up at the stars.

Joan lands on a note like a laser beam on a diamond. Colors fly around the room, and her voice bends between them. People say her voice reminds them of Sandy Denny. It’s more than the vocal range. It’s a quiet power that draws you in.

Maybe Over And Even wasn’t written last winter on a Greek island. Maybe these songs were written a hundred years ago in a farm house somewhere in Kentucky. That’s where Joan is from, and that’s where she and guitar player Nathan Salsburg recorded all the basic tracks live.

All the people who played on Joan’s new record — and Daniel Martin Moore who recorded and engineered it — are friends. That comes through somehow in the sound of the album. Will Oldham [might prefer to be called Bonnie “Prince” Billy?] and Glen Dettinger are genius harmony singers. They leave the perfect amount of space for microscopic shifts in Joan’s voice, without sacrificing their own awesome idiosyncrasies. Nathan Salsburg’s guitar follows every twist of the melody. When the song breaks your heart in two, Nathan is there with a high E-string to sew it back together.

Joan Shelley’s voice flows out like a river. It never travels in a straight line. It follows bends and curves carved by history. We are all lucky just to be swept away, and go with her wherever she’s going.

“But it’s not over by half
There’s a gold in your eyes blooming out through the black And you’re still standing, your hand on the map
No its not over, not over by half”


Saint Caoilian
Caoilian Sherlock has had lots of odd jobs over the years – a potato picker, a Santa Claus, a temp at Virgin Megastores, an inferior barista, a voice “actor”, a regular “actor”, a sexual health teacher, a “moving picture” at a Harry Potter themed wedding. And that doesn’t count the actual music work.

When not promoting music as part of the some-time active Southern Hospitality Board (Quarter Block Party), DJing or playing with The Shaker Hymn, Caoilian Sherlock also writes songs under his Saint Caoilian moniker which moves in a folkier vein.

Inspired by the likes of Paul Simon, John Prine, Bill Ryder Jones and Angel Olsen, ‘I’ll Be A Fool For You’ is a languid lilting track from a man who clearly has many strings to his bow. An EP, The Faraway, is released on May 5th. – Nialler9

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