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Jimbino returns to DeBarras with his JAZZ Cannibals!

they played at DeBarras last year after a blistering Cork Jazz Fest! anyone who bore witness to that spectacle will be back with 2 pals….gonna be mega!

The Jazz Cannibals were formed in early 2011 in New Orleans USA. Jimbino Vegan gathered musicians with a flair for fun to play his original songs and some old jazz classics.
After moving back to Europe in 2015 Jimbino Vegan continued the band with some European musicians who he had met in New Orleans. Along with the original numbers he writes they added many Ragtime, old french chanson, musette and Eastern European songs from the early 20th century.

Over the last 5 years they have toured to New Orleans, New York, Colorado, Iceland, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweeden, Finland and the Baltic States.

Jazz music was a born of a composite of styles and cultures – african slave songs, european classical music, latin rhythms, spiritual music, protest songs and dance music. The Jazz Cannibals pride themselves on playing authentic jazz keeping the open musical influence alive with a repertoir including pieces by Scott Joplin, Jelly Rolly Morton, Charles Trenet, Raymond Valgre, Leonid Utesov, carribean and callipso songs, Jacob do Bamdolim, Louis Armstrong, CW Stoneking, Johney Dodds, Sydney Bechet, Django Reinhardt, Clarence Williams, Louis Prima and many other great composers mixing them all together in their original numbers giving you an aunforgettable show combining incredible musical talent with fun energy.

JAZZ CANNIBALS have performed at many festivals around Europe and are especially popular at Swing Dance events. They have a lot of experience playing in all sorts of settings from quiet restaurants to rowdy pubs – always tailoring their performance style to the occasion. Whether they are performing elegant Italian musettes or hot jazz or doing acrobatic stunts with their high energy original songsthey are guarenteed to entertain. They combine great music with old time music hall variety comedy dance, comedy and theatrical routines.

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