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Jared & the Mill

Howdy, We are Jared & The Mill. All of us were born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and we still call it home today. When we first got started in the summer of 2011 we just wanted to play some music with our best buds, play a few shows, and have a good time. Jared and Michael had been buddies and playing music together since they were kids, and after they met up with another childhood duo Josh Morin and Larry Gast III, and connected with Chuck Morris III and Gabe Hall Rodriguez through mutual friends, the band was born.  As things go we were soon hammering along in the local scene, playing alongside the bands of new friends and old throughout Arizona.

The wheels kept turning, and before we knew it we had over three years of touring under our boots; playing in the living rooms, dive bars, venues, theaters, music festivals, and even arenas of this big ol’country of ours alongside fellow upcoming bands, and with some of the biggest acts we had always looked up to. Playing for fifty people one night in a smokey bar, and the very next night opening up and playing for eighteen thousand in an arena was inspiring, humbling, and eye opening to say the least. Opening up and sharing stages with the likes of Zac Brown Band, Barry Gibb, Boy & Bear, War on Drugs, The Wildfeathers, Cake, Flogging Molly, The Killers, Allen Stone, and others, while touring alongside growing bands just getting their start like us was a real honor. We certainly gained invaluable experience from all those shows and all those trials.  Being out there changed our lives, it changed how we thought about things, and it changed how we wrote about things. Life gives to you and it takes from you, and we have written about that give, and that take. We’ve written about getting older, about those friends those loved ones, those things that never leave you, and we’ve written about those people and those things that do; the sweet and the bitter, and that struggle to keep the course as you try your best to carve yourself into what you hope is a good person. We have written about our desert home we so very often miss, and we’ve written about the stories of others we’ve heard along the way.  Our music has been called, compared and regarded by a number of different names and genres, and we’ve been influenced and shaped by many different events and people, but more than anything, we’d like to think that some shred of the Southwest – of our home – can be found in the heart of our music.

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more fans coming to our shows, sharing their appreciation for our music and what we do, and we really can’t say thank you enough for that.  If there’s one thing we can’t be thankful enough for, and will always aim to love and work hard to please, it’s our fans.  Something we’ve been pretty damn humbled to hear from a lot of them is that they enjoy our sound even more live then they do on our records.  While that’s a huge compliment we love hearing, it’s been a continual struggle and mission of ours to capture the energy and honesty we feel we communicate live onto a record. Somehow, with the unparalleled guidance of Mr. Ryan Hewitt, his insistence to record everything that we could live, alongside the good vibes we felt in those studios, we think we’ve delivered that energy to you on “Orme Dugas”.  So here we are, with new music to release,  a sound that’s grown, and another busy year ahead. We’re eager as hell to share it with all of you.  In the mean time, go see a band, never take yourself too seriously, and love each other with all ya got.

As always, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for listening.

We’ll see you down the road,

Jared & The Mill


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