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2015 was a big year for new Cork songwriter Jack O’Rourke. His debut EP The Other Side of Now contained a song that struck the right chord at the right time. ‘Silence’ was used by Amnesty International for the Yes Campaign in the successful Marriage Referendum, an issue close to Jack’s heart. The epic, Bowiesque ‘Naivety’ and bluesy trip hop torch song ‘Shining for You’ were also atmospheric radio hits, showcasing Jack’s multifaceted musicality – eclectic, but with his voice and piano always at the centre.

His new single ‘I’ll Forget You In The Morning’, due out on January 25th, is an adult fairytale. It opens with a glistening piano melody before Jack’s hypnotic timbre paints a beautifully nostalgic lyrical work of art. ‘I’ll Forget You In The Morning’ is a piano man’s ode, in parts lyrically enigmatic and a tune that insists on more listens to delve into the true meaning of the song.

Themes of loss and heartbreak are here, but upon closer listening, an element of hope begins to surface. Delivered with lush, earthy harmonies and accompanied by ethereal strings and chilling distorted guitar, ‘I’ll Forget You In The Morning’ is a tantilising taste of Jack’s upcoming debut album Dreamcatcher, due for release in Autumn 2016.

If a songwriter can be gritty and polished simultaneously, it’s Jack O’Rourke. In parts introspective balladeer, Jack pushes the boundaries of noir folk with heartbreaking torch songs, peppered with baroque pop. He sings between a grizzled baritone and ethereal falsetto, assured yet plaintive; lyrically exploring the subtleties of his environment and his place in the world at large.

Jack’s work has already been championed by RTE presenter Fiachna O’Braonain in his songs of the year and also recently featured in ‘The Great Irish Songbook’ on BBC4, presented by Cerys Matthews. This December, Jack performed ‘Silence’ live on The Late Late Show. Jack’s material draws parallels with the work of Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, Randy Newman and Father John Misty while his critical acclaim to date bodes well for the release of his debut album Dreamcatcher for Spring 2016.

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