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Indigent Row injects energy and passion into music both centuries old and newly conceived, remaining true to the traditional Irish tunes while breathing fresh life into all that they play. Meter shifts, alternative harmonies and driving rhythms are the cornerstone of their approach as they nimbly dance the line between traditional and progressive music, blending rock, funk, jazz, folk and Celtic styles to make the songs their own. Combining original compositions with their own arrangements of traditional music, the band’s performances weave Celtic session tunes with songs of heroes and thieves, saints and scallywags, damsels and flea bitten tramps, breaking the rules and delighting their audiences. So get up off your arse and start dancing!

Comprised of Liam O’Beirne (tin whistle & vocals), Jennifer Lee (fiddle), Jesse Mitchell (guitar, mandolin, & vocals), and Joe Nicholson (drums), Indigent Row is a progressive Celtic rock band that hails from the greater Denver/Boulder area in Colorado.

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