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Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo

w/ Laura Sheeran

( r ) is Fabrizio’s own music project, a mighty cocktail of introspective-ambient-noise and lyrical song-writing.

Fabrizio has extensively performed in EU and USA including sold out theatres, sordid bars, big festivals, art galleries, empty spaces and worked with tons of artists including ongoing collaborations with Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance, Xiu Xiu, Little Annie, Carla Bozulich, Jochen Arbeit…

Fabrizio is a member of the electro-acoustic project Blind Cave Salamander along with Paul Beauchamp and cellist Julia Kent and of Almagest! with singer/actor Ernesto Tomasini and fellow musicians Evor Ameise and Paul Beauchamp, he also is one of the founding member of the experimental cult band Larsen

“All About Satan” is ( r ) latest full length album,
It has been recorded by Paul Beauchamp and mixed by Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and released on summer 2014 by the Brussels based label Cheap Satanism and it has been followed by “The Sickness Bag” a limited edition ep on silk screened vinyl for Torino label Escape From Today, both works sport original cover artworks by Larsen’s drummer and tattoo artist Marco “il Bue” Schiavo and continue the collaboration started with the previous album “Drama Queen” with Daniele Pagliero 

“The House Of The Rising Sun” a video by Bogusia Matylda
from: ( r ) “The Sickness Bag ep”

Artist Websites:







The Wire:
…small vistas of delightful otherness

Willamette Week:
…disorienting collages that envelope yr head like either a prisoner’s black hood or an angel’s gauzy veil


Tiny Mix Tapes:
…the kind of music that you imagine in your head, but never quite find materialized in the real world

Pitchfork Media:
…distorted protuberances

…everything’s going to be alright

Musique Machine:
…like death smiling through a beautiful face at you

Filth Forge:
…from intimate and experimental ballads to a monumental symphonic assault

…the weirdest and most magical of the orchestras

The Stranger:
…an enamored child trying to describe her first glimpse into her future as a fabulous whore

…Well done, sir.

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