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DeBarra’s Spoken Word returns to … DeBarra’s Folk Club for a session on May 18.
This session will feature an “IFS informed” creative writing workshop between 7 and 8:30pm as part of Clonakilty Wellness Month , followed by the regular Open Mic session at 9pm

There will be music (email us HERE! before the weekend if you want to read your work against a soundtrack).

All welcome!

If you want to take part in the workshop, please come at 7pm and bring pen and paper.

So what’s it about? IFS is a method developed by Dr Richard Schwartz that gives us the (language) tools to explore our inner system. To focus on our constituent parts and how they relate to each other. Not all at once, as that would be overwhelming (there are many!) but by following specific ‘trailheads’ from where they can be found in or around our bodies. The (subconscious and/or autobiographical) information that comes up during this process can be an excellent springboard for writing. The participants do not need to share any details during this process although you can if you wish.


Facilitated by Moze Jacobs in the context of Clonakilty Wellness Month and underpinned by a series of creative writing workshops (in collaboration with Stan Notte) at 49, North Street in Skibbereen.

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