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Songs from the intimate setting of the DeBarra’s Sitting Room, with Host Gavin Moore & guests Fintan McKahey .

Doors 9pm

Fintan McKahey:
Fintan McKahey is the son of an Irish drummer (Stump) and a British actress. He grew up in the wild, rugged landscape of West Cork, which has inspired so many other musicians, artists and writers to call it home.

A multi-instrumentalist, Fintan has focused on his own career as a singer-songwriter, developing a percussive approach to the acoustic guitar. From ring forts to the Masai Mara and studies in Peru with Laika shamans, these other realms have influenced his sound. Nick Drake proved an early influence but relocation to the gritty, urban metropolis of London found him listening to more hip hop and downtempo electronic music.

While he was engaged in music production in London, he reconnected with the Nash Brothers, who also hale from West Cork and is excited to be joining the band as their bass player, for the next leg of their continental journey.

Previously, he spent two enjoyable years on a theatre performance course in Kinsale and continues to work as an actor and voice over artist in Ireland.

Mide Houlihan:

Míde Houlihan is a Clonakilty singer songwriter, who started gigging as a solo act in late 2011 and has since been playing on a regular basis around Cork. These gigs have included support slots for FRED, Canadian folk singer Doug Paisley and a slot in the Sherkin Responsibilities Festival 2013.

Her single ‘You Know it’s Christmas Time’ (recorded with Bill Shanley in Cauldron Studios) received a great review from none other than Mick Hanly – ‘’I think we have a surfeit of syrup and goo already, but when you hear ‘Eastenders’ being rhymed with ‘preggars’ in a Christmas song setting well s***!… it’s time to tune in.’’

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