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Daithí returns to DeBarras w/ special guest Anna Mularkey after last years SOLD OUT show!

“Daithí O’Dronai’s electronic pop has moved into deeper and richer places over the years but none more than this song featuring the Bell X1 singer on vocals. Inspired by loss and the breakup of a relationship, Daithí wrote his most personal music to date and one of the results is this sweeping and pulsing songs that is both elegiac and epic.(Niall Byrne, The Irish Times, on new single ‘Take The Wheel”)

“‘Take The Wheel’ is the show stopper, Daithí’s most unexpected, and perhaps also his finest, song to date.” – Kernan Andrews, Galway Advertiser

“With the release of this brand new double A-side single, ‘Take The Wheel’ & ‘In My Darkest Moments’, it feels as if Daithí has hit a milestone moment in his career.” – Nialler9

Daithí’s evolution as an artist over the past 5 years has been prolific to say the least. Every release from the producer has felt like the next stage in a journey, beginning with the likes of tracks like ‘Case Closed’ in 2013. Since then, audiences have been lucky enough to bear witness to one of the most creative voices in contemporary dance music expand and develop.” – Nialler9

“Daithi has developed a musical and visual style that is unparalleled in its exploration of rural pressures, post-Celtic Tiger Ireland and masculinity. His latest tracks have bridged the difficult gap between Daithi’s trad background and the ethereal, lingering soundscapes that have made him one of the most instantly recognisable electronic producers in the country.” – Peter McGoran, Hot Press 

Daithi is an electronic music producer obsessed by the culture of Ireland. The two time choice award nominee combines nature recordings, old Irish samples and analog synths to create a unique type of house music that’s soaked in Irish culture. A mainstay in the Irish gigging scene, his live show is an improvised performance, creating on the spot dance music using synths, drum machines and live fiddle. Last year, Daithi found a forgotten recording of his grandmother, where she talked about how she met her husband, and what it was like living in the west of Ireland for the past 90 years. Daithi sampled this recording to create ‘Mary Keanes Introduction’, a track which captured the imagination of millions of Irish people across the world, and became one of the most successful Irish singles that year, staying no.1 in the spotify viral charts for 6 weeks.

It proved Daithi’s mantra on music: Every sample should have a back story, and every song should be personal.






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