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Claudia Schwab Quartet:

Claudia Schwab (fiddles/vocals)

Hannah James (accordion/foot percussion/vocals)

Stefan Hedborg (percussion/ vocals)

Marti Tärn (electric bass/vocals)

“Attic Mornings” is the title of Claudia Schwab’s second solo album, due to be released on February 12 2017. Featuring Stefan Hedborg (SE), Marti Tärn (EST) and Hannah James (UK), as well as guest musicians from Ireland and Austria, this collection of genre- hopping, yodelling, contemplative and life affirming musical adventures reflects the cross- cultural spirit of the musician and her collaborators.

Rooted in Irish, Austrian and Indian music traditions, Claudia steps out to explore the sounds evoked from her current home in Ireland, memories of her home place in Austria and newly discovered sounds from her ventures around the world.

Claudia Schwab is an Ireland based, originally Austrian fiddle player/composer/yodeller. Stomping rhythms, fiery reels, consoling Indian raags and funk-beat yodelling abound in Claudia’s blend of Irish, Indian, Swedish and Eastern European folk music styles overlaid with Austrian yodelling. Described as ‘one of the most creative artists on the Irish music scene today’ (Dr. Mel Mercier – Irish World Academy), Claudia’s debut album Amber Sands (2014) features regularly on Irish national radio and has received impressive reviews by magazines such as FATEA, Folkworld and Songlines. Her brand new EP ‘Attic Mornings’ was released on October 21st 2016. In February 2017, the full album will be launched.

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