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Sam Amidon returns to DeBarras for a special early doors solo show as part of this years Clonakilty International Guitar Festival & Culture Night.




New York Times
“a hauntingly beautiful new album…”

NPR All Things Considered
“… Lily-O somehow feels deeply reassuring… his highly personal approach opens a window on the American past and lets us feel it like nothing else around.”

The Guardian
“… he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and arranger who can switch from a sparse, no-nonsense treatment of traditional material to bursts of unexpected experimentation.”

“Culling lyrics from the public domain and recording with few overdubs or added takes, Amidon and a group of trusted players perform Lily-O with an immense, artistic daring.”

The Bluegrass Situation
“…a startling amalgamation of atmospheric jazz, Icelandic soundscapes and deep folk storytelling.”

All Music
“Lily-O may be the finest hour of Amidon’s well-refined approach to the seemingly endless well of public domain folk songs, offering some of his most beautiful and daring arrangements yet.”

“…surreal and magical.”


“Fractured folk standards from Vermont original.”

“Inventive musical excursions.”

“Folk innovator meets jazz visionaries. What joyous noise. Unfurling, twisting and turning, and uplifting music.”

Boston Globe
“Complementing his work on guitar, banjo, and fiddle, his voice rings with a removed loneliness, colored by the clean, sweet texture…”




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