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Thurs 13th July
Doors 9pm
Tickets: €5

Brian’s memories of his early life are dominated by a desire to try and explore every musical instrument that crossed his path, and since then, bar a brief detour to study journalism – the world’s least safe fallback career, that is what he has been doing.

His second EP Rain Songs is a 5 track alternative folk journey through stories of hope and despair, thriving on an eclectic palette of influences ranging from the intensity and aggression of rock/blues heroes of old to the nuance and open melodies of his favourite modern day singer-songwriters. Moving from simple acoustic arrangements to larger than life soundscapes with ease, the EP is a self-recorded exhibition of Casey’s songwriting, multi-instrumentalism and production skills in equal measure,

Raised on the south-west coast of Ireland, on the edge of Europe, a mish mash of influences pulled Casey’s attention from classical piano to traditional Irish music, from his parents record collection to the alternative sounds of the 1990’s, drip fed through the static of long wave radio and his brothers cassette-tapes. With very few musicians of a similar age around to jam with, makeshift attempts to record and overdub with home stereos and Dictaphones came as a natural solution, setting him on a course of parallel paths on which he continues today, juggling engineering, musicianship and songwriting in his studio, Wavefield Recordings.

Never staying still, 2015 will see the completion of a debut album between touring and other production projects, expanding on the sounds and themes of Rain Songs and Casey’s 2013 debut EP, Plain Sailing.

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