Jun 2020


9:00pm | Price: €15(+booking)

Recognised internationally as one of the greatest guitarists in the world, Preston Reed revolutionised the way the acoustic guitar is played in the late 1980’s, expanding the tonal and textural palette of the instrument and turning it into a new, exciting orchestral platform.

Employing a self-invented two-handed, multi-voiced rhythmic groove approach that weaves rock, blues, jazz, funk, classical and other styles into intriguing sonic landscapes and story-telling compositions, Reed’s dynamic live performance, replete with jaw-dropping techniques and entrancing musicality, takes audiences on a compelling journey of the imagination.

“The music is created from the beginning with an integrated groove that might include drums or other sounds found on the body and neck of the guitar,” Reed says.

And the music doesn’t stop at stunning guitar pyrotechnics. With a full range of traditional skills at hand from his early blues roots, Reed’s live show delivers a diverse, emotionally-nuanced experience — lyrical ballads, atmospheric space and traditional moods abound. The totality of the performance tells us at once a universal and personal story of a unique artist and his musical journey.

“The secret is…everything I have ever done is about the music, not the guitar techniques,” Reed says.

Since 1979 Preston as released seventeen critically-acclaimed albums and performed on six continents. He is a TEDGlobal speaker, an international guitar competition judge, and author of the instructional video The Guitar of Preston Reed: Expanding the Realm of Acoustic Playing. 

“… widely thought of as the world’s most gifted guitarist” Total Guitar

“Spectacular… the best one-man show this reviewer has seen since Bruce Springsteen… A terrific performer” The Irish Independent

“In a class of his own” London Evening Standard

“…. a major musical talent” Manchester Evening News

“Will drop your jaw” Playboy

“True spellbinding guitar mastery” Guitarist Magazine

“Heart stopping tour de force” Billboard

“Reed’s fiendishly intricate blend of blues, rock, country and metal styles ducks and weaves itself away from measurability” The Irish Times[/videio]