Aug 2019



Songwriter and Clonakilty-native Diarmuid Cahill lived in New Zealand for 12 years before returning to Ireland two years ago. His musical journey began in 2005, writing and performing songs in a popular local songwriters’ night in New Plymouth, where he was based. From these early forays into songwriting grew a real passion for the craft, which he steadily honed, helped by collaborations with several prominent musicians from the vibrant music scene in New Plymouth. While working on ‘Fate’, an EP released in 2015, he founded the band Glass Boat with musicians Missie Moffat and Matt Herrett. Glass Boat would go on to perform throughout New Zealand, everywhere from intimate local venues to major music festivals. The band’s eponymous live EP was released in 2016 to wide acclaim.

Diarmuid returned to Ireland in 2017, bringing with him a collection of songs inspired by the emotional highs and lows of living on the other side of the world. Recorded with producer Bill Shanley, his debut album, ‘Clean Surrender’, blends folk and contemporary influences, with contributions from some of the most exciting musicians working in Ireland today.